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Hysterical, ingenious and riveting, Soothplayer’s Completely Improvised Shakespeare lives up to its money-back guarantee of being hilarious, with its widely popular shows taking the audience on a ride that is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Creating an entire performance on the spot based on the audience’s suggested title, it features live music, Elizabethan language and plots and characters inspired by those that reoccur through the Shakespeare canon.

Wednesday’s performance was The Bald and the Beautiful, a tale of a rich gazebo-obsessed man with an equally self-obsessed daughter, an ugly desperate-for-a-bride king, a scheming two-faced servant, and a plotting and increasingly infatuated pair who ultimately takeover in a twin kingship. Part Richard III, part Othello and part Much Ado About Nothing, the performance evolved from direct references to other plays to using its tropes as a scaffold to build something that is both familiar and entirely unique. Much of the imagery they come up with can be truly evocative, with last night’s picture of the gnarled, tree-like form of the king sounding as if it could have been pulled directly from the histories. Watching them create the world of the play on the spot felt almost like watching a rap battle, with the audience completely immersed and won over. With a third sold-out night in a row, the room was filled with non-stop laughter as the hour flew by.

…every performer brings electricity to the stage

With the fools of Shakespeare often stealing the show, watching the cast feels as if these witty figures staged a magnificent takeover of the plays. They work seamlessly together, especially when throwing each other curve balls and plot twists. With the ensemble revolving through the season, every performer brings electricity to the stage. Stand-outs from last night include Adam Hembree’s narcissistic and petty maiden, newcomer Scott Boxall’s hideous yet miserable king and Stephanie Crow and Nick Spunde, who steer their plotting couple into a villainous romance. Whether it be with the same cast or an entirely new one, each night promises something entirely new.

It’s no wonder Soothplayer’s remaining shows are selling out rapidly – once hooked, there will be little stopping you from coming back again and again!

Click here for Completely Improvised Shakespeare’s performance dates, ticketing prices and more information. They are also running a workshop immediately following their performances!

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