This Rose Has Thorns | Interview with Sam

We sat down with Sam from This Rose Has Thorns to talk about Bustco’s world premiere of Dwyane Yancey’s new parody of Shakespearean tropes and characters. He plays Toby, part of a comedic duo.

What got you interested in the show?
I’ve been with the company a few years and have worked on a variety of shows, and this was something we hadn’t done before. There’s been Pride and Prejudice, musicals like Hairspray, and comedies. The shows are heavily influenced by the different students cycling through Bustco each year. It’s also really exciting to be apart of the world premiere of This Rose Has Thorns, the writer Dwayne Yancey is flying down to see it on opening night!

Have you had much experience with Shakespeare in the past, or is this show your introduction to it?
It’s mostly my introduction, but a few members of the cast went and saw some shows at the Pop Up Globe, and really learned a lot from it. There’s lots of interaction with the audience, and the cast learns to run with it

Without giving away too many spoilers, what’s been your favourite part of the play?
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but probably the crossdressing our characters do. Our costume designer brought in some dresses for us to try and decided that they were definitely what we’d be wearing for the scene.

The poster promises pop culture and swords – do you have much swordfighting yourself?
Sadly no! But I can’t wait to see it, in one of the rehearsals we had ten members of the cast practicing at once. It’s also really cool to have elements that will appeal both to the fans of Elizabethan theatre and those new to it.

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